2016 Brooklyn Nets Predictions & Season Betting Preview

The Brooklyn Nets are the perennial underperformers of the NBA. The 2016-2017 Season does not have hopes of it being any different. Last year, the Nets released several of their key players hinting at an overhaul of the team and a complete rebuild. Success will not be coming soon for the Brooklyn Nets, and the following are my predictions for next season.

Jeremy Lin Carries the Team

Jeremy Lin is the only player worth of carrying the Brooklyn Nets offense. The rest of the team will have to follow his lead. Jeremy Lin has proven himself to be able to take a struggling team and try and push it forward as he did with the Knicks. Next season will not be different he should average about 15 points and five assists for the season given the personnel they have and if they do not bring some fresh talent into the squad. You can expect that Lin will be the one man offense of the team, and the Nets are lucky to have a player of his calibre in their offense.

One of the Worst Offenses in the League

The Brooklyn Nets ranked 26th out of 30 regarding points per game last season. They have brought no one else in to help their offense and their draft prospects are pretty bleak. They might drop to 28th or 29th next season given their personnel status. The Nets were also amongst the worst teams in three-point shooting. They have no shooting guards nor a good player who can post and make some baskets. Their offense this year as compared to worse teams this year should deteriorate as other teams have brought in new players or may have some luck in the draft.

Better Team Chemistry

Since the Nets do not seem like they will be adding anyone to the roster, the existing players will have spent more time together. Better team chemistry will lead to better performances. We should see an increase in assists across the board from Nets players and one or more wins than last year. That, however, will not be enough to ensure a better season since other teams will probably have bigger improvements.

Brooke Lopez Improvement

Lopez will have to shoulder the big man defensive and offensive duties for the team. He is a much-underrated player and I predict will average double points and rebounds next season. To be exact, I will predict that Lopez will average 2o points per game, ten rebounds per game and two blocks. If he improves his shape and maintains it throughout the season, he should emerge as a standout defensive player in the NBA. Individual goals may be the only achievement for Lopez, however, since Jeremy Lin may be the only other player on the roster that may be willing to handle that kind of workload.

Worst Record in the League

It would be a surprise if the Brooklyn Nets did not end up with the worst record in the NBA in the 2016-2017 season. They have no draft prospects since the Celtics own almost all of their draft picks. They cannot bring any fresh blood into the team. They have no funds to buy any good player that would dramatically improve their roster. Unless the Nets were to have unbelievable luck in a acquiring a talented free agent, then they are bound to have the worst record in the league. Though sad to say, their best possible finish is the second-worst record in the league, and that is if the 76ers do not make proper use of their young players. I predict a 20-62 season.